At Samiaja we offer a range of dynamic activities which are directly related to our commitment to the environment and to our olive cultivation process. We encourage you to come and meet us and take part in some of the many activities we offer: tasting our different oil varieties, visits to our olive grove, workshops and cooking classes, trekking along mountain trails, etc. We also offer on-site accommodation at the Samiaja site, where you can relax in our common areas and enjoy staying in our comfortable bedrooms, making for an unforgettable stay.

EVOO Tastings

Our guided tastings of EVOO will allow you to know more about the hidden properties of extra-virgin olive oil, and to indulge in a sensory experience that will introduce you to all its different flavours and aromas.

Visits to the Olive Grove

A guided visit to our ecological olive grove will give you first-hand experience of the olive cultivation process.


Discover how extra-virgin olive oil is used in the delicious cuisine of Archidona, how it is paired with other seasonal products, and how it is used for making healthy baked goods recipes.

Workshops and Talks

We will tell you everything you need to know about oil. Our workshops include olive picking and making natural soaps from olive oil and bee honey extracts.

Rural Accommodation

La Samiaja Cortijo (our farmstead) contains around 2.000 of calm and tranquillity. It is a peaceful haven, located in front of the olive grove.  Everywhere you look, you will see evidence of our oil production traditions, such as stones from the windmill and farming implements. You will see the old San Antonio Oil Factory, a simple building, whose chimneys and quiet courtyards are perfectly framed by fig and other fruit orchards growing near the reservoir.


If you enjoy nature and would like to experience something different during your free time, we invite you to discover the natural paradise of the Archidona region.

The interconnected walking routes will enable you to appreciate the diverse landscapes and valuable cultural heritage of our region.  Discover the history and natural legacy of the area while admiring unforgettable views.

Visit to Archidona

Discover the beauty of our town, declared a ‘historic-artistic’ site. We will travel back in time visiting the Arabic Arxiduna and be surprised discovering a ninth-century Mosque and the impressive views from the walled enclosure.

Cycling tourism

And if, in addition to nature, you enjoy riding on 2 wheels, we invite you to appreciate the marvellous landscape while cycling beside us.